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We could see the arch from the campground

The campground is adjacent to the casino

Hannah's spotted in St. Louis

The arch from the train station

Hannah's spotted at the Gateway Arch!

Gateway Arch

The mighty Mississippi

Base of the arch

Union Station was a fun place to walk around and have lunch

Union Station

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium about an hour before a home game

Historic courthouse where the Dred Scott Decision was decided

Looking up at the observation windows where Henry was

Riverboat on the Mississippi River in front of the arch

Looks like a fun ride

Gateway fountains across the river from the arch

Lookiing straight up at the arch

Busch Stadium on a game day as seen from the top of...

Nice view of the city from the top of the arch

Gateway Park across the river from the arch - as seen from...

Highways and railyards in St. Louis as seen from the top of...

The arch at sunset

Sunset in St. Louis

We had a Grizwald moment right out of the original "National Lampoon's Vacation" when we missed our turn to the campground and ended up in a not very desirable section of downtown St. Louis. You don't want to be driving the streets of St. Louis towing a 35 foot RV! We found our way out of the city back across the Mississippi River to East St. Louis, IL where we were staying at the Casino Queen RV Park and Casino. As soon as we got set up we headed to the Casino to check things out, and to play the slots of course! Henry came out ahead, I lost, so we figured we came out even.

Sunday morning we got all day passes on the Metro Link train so we could ride into St. Louis. Our first stop was the Gateway Arch. The arch is 630 feet tall and made of stainless steel. It is an amazing structure. Henry bought a ticket to ride the tram to the top. We had about 3 hours until his time to take the tram so we went back to the train and rode it to Union Station. Union Station was once the train station and has been renovated with hotels, shops and restaurants. We had lunch and rode the train to Busch Stadium where the St. Louis Cardinals play their home games. There was a game that afternoon and we saw many fans dressed in the Cardinal red at the stadium and on the train. When we got back to the arch we explored the museum before Henry took is ride to the top of the arch. While he was doing that I enjoyed walking around outside and watching the Riverboats on the Mississippi River.

We both really enjoyed St. Louis.

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