2009 Florida Winter travel blog

Blondie had a fit trying to get to this armidillo

A pretty spring at the end of the swamp trail

The old church at the cracker village in the state park

Anhinga beside the river

Bald Eagle right above our canoe

Common Moorhen

Great Blue Heron

White Ibis

The turtles were enjoying the sun

Gopher tortoise next to his hole

We saw a lot of alligators

White Ibis

Adam and Hannah enjoyed the river

A baby gator

One of the glass bottom boats at Silver Springs


Rhesus monkey

Rhesus monkey

We had a great time at Silver River. We walked along two different trails to the Silver River. Along the way we came across an armadillo that Blondie wanted to chase. We rented canoes two days in a row and saw lots of birds, alligators and Rhesus monkeys! We canoed to the Silver Springs park which is an attraction with glass bottom boats. The monkeys were brought to the area in the 1930's to use as an attraction. A guy brought them to an island not knowing that they could swim. He was surprised the next morning to find they had all left the island. They have been living in the wild ever since. There are now about 300. The rangers advised us to stay away from them because they can spread HIV and rabies. There are about 100 springs which make up the Silver River.

We also saw a gopher tortoise at our campsite and a deer right behind the campsite. Adam and Hannah spent a night with us and went canoeing with us.

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