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cypress forest is 4 feet above sea level!

mahogany tree and air plants

nesting birds - mostly wood storks

looks like an albino morning glory

first view of roseate spoonbill

check out the beak - and pink reflection!

when flying, you see pink!

many birds at Flamingo, but no flamingos!

mama osprey

look at baby osprey!

papa osprey nearby

palm tree being overtaken by strangler fig

one of many great blue herons seen today

wow - blue & white heron together!

ducks on the pond - one skidded in like the guy on...

This pair had heads in water for a very long time!

end of snake bight trail had this to offer us!

one of the biggest alligators I've seen!

nice pose for the cameras

this male anhinga is a ham, too!

I should've tried to count all the alligators here!

it's almost suppertime - time to get going!

female anhinga

what are these birds - lots of babies!


more than 4 and twenty black birds!

swam under our feet and out the other side of the boardwalk!

Since it has been so cold the past couple of days, I felt sure that today was the right day to visit the southern section of the Everglades because it is usually infested with mosquitoes. I was right - not one mosquito was seen!

Serge, my campground neighbor, went with me and we spent the whole day visiting the park. There are lots of places to see along the main road from the entrance to the southernmost point called Flamingo - a distance of 38 miles. It was cool, breezy, but sunny and uncrowded with birds. In fact, my wish came true - I watched a roseate spoonbill feed and soon after, another one flew by, getting the feeding one and they flew away together! While I couldn't get a picture of those birds flying, I hope you enjoy a few of the pictures I did get.

I had never walked a hiking trail in the Everglades before and I decided we would walk the popular Snake Bight trail. Bight means "bay within a bay". Serge pointed out a snake that was crossing the path ahead of us. I froze while he seemed to want to go up to it and maybe even catch it! I'm glad the snake was fast! The trail was supposed to be 1.8 miles one way, but it seemed more like 2.8 miles! Once we got to the end, there wasn't much to see - one white heron and one small songbird, and lots of ground that is covered in high tide. The time to do this trail is high tide to see wading birds!

One of the most popular places for visitors is Royal Palm. That has a great boardwalk trail out into the waters and hammocks of the Everglades called the Anhinga Trail and there were lots of alligators and birds to be seen. I have seen more birds in a prior year, but I was not disappointed today. I was impressed that while we had seen the white birds roosting in the trees all day, here the black birds roosted together in these trees. Interesting.

At the end of the day, I am very glad I went today and I had a great time with Serge. I walked too much, though and my feet are hurting. But it was worth it - I'll just rest for a few days until the blisters heal again!

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