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The plane to Lombok

This really didn't instill confidence. I want a life jacket!

Senggigi airport

My honeymoon fruit platter, which I found hilarious; 3 different coloured apples.

A closed restuarant in downtown Senggigi; interesting stacking technique

The pool at night

Settling in for a romantic night for one

I finally made it to Senggigi, Lombok with no thanks to any of the boat men, ferry masters, drivers or tour agents on the way! The short flight from Denpasar to Mataram was quite evntful (read: turbulent) and I truly believe I saw my life flash before my eyes on the steepest decent I have ever experienced. I thought there was no landing other than a crash landing at that angle.

But none the less, I managed to find my way safe and sound to the Sheraton Senggigi late Sunday afternoon and have hardly ventured out of the grounds since.

The place is gorgeous and the staff very attentive. There is really not much to do on Lombok except relax so I am getting my money's worth of that while I can, knowing that I won't have the opportunity to stay in luxury again for a looong time.

So sorry, no mishaps or exciting events to speak of this week. Just a very cruisey time enjoying luxury and sipping drinks by the pool :)

I just have to say the buffett breakfast is like nothing I have ever seen before. There is every imaginable food from pizza to pasties, chicken to cheese and everything in between. They even have a chocolate fondue fountain!!!

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