2008 Georgia Bulldogs Football Roadtrip travel blog

We entered the cave through this door called the New Entrance

Going through Mammoth Cave

Some of the places we walked were really narrow

There were about 500 stairs

We saw the Fountain of Youth

We went under these rocks

Looking up at the ceiling in the Drapery Room

We saw some amazing formations

Formations in the Drapery Room

In the Drapery Room

Looking down at Frozen Niagara

Frozen Niagara

Close up of Frozen Niagara

The trees are still colorful along the walk to the Historic Entrance

The Historic Entrance to Mammoth Cave

We spent the afternoon at Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth Cave is the largest cave system in the world with over 350 miles of explored cave. We took the New Entrance tour, a 2 hour, 3/4 mile walk through the cave. We started out by walking down about 250 steps through some pretty tight spots.

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