Toby-Sue Trip to the Gulf of Mexico 09-10 travel blog

Belles without hat

Belle with her trademark hat

Tweety-her canary

Friday the 12th, we got up in the morning, and got ready to move on to Cochise Terrace.

After we were ready, we went it to do the dreaded thing. Say good-bye to Belle.

We sat and talked for awhile, and she thanked us profusely for all we had done for her. We thanked her for all she had done for us. Showing us that even at the age of 81, and in failing health, you can still have a dream. And, the spirit of an 18 year old, just graduating high school, ready to conquer the world. Belle may not fulfill the dream for her ranch, but, it doesn't matter. She has lived a life that would leave anyone in awe.

Before we left, I said to her that on the many occasions that we sat and talked, I could see part of the frame of a very old painting. Before I could finish, she said, "let me show you my home". She gave us the tour, apologizing for the mess (which it wasn't), saying "it was better before, when I was more mobile". She explained every painting and piece of furniture. Everything is a story to Belle, and a treat to us.

She ended with the grand finale. Playing her keyboard, while her canary "TWEETY" sang along. It was very emotional for both of us. She said, "maybe I can come and play for the rvers in Benson". We are going to check into it.

We then gave our hugs, and headed out to Benson.

We arrived in Cochise Terrace about an hour later. It is better and nicer than before. Art really takes pride in the park, and it shows. We got set up, and kinda bummed around for the day.

Later that night, we were going to the hot tub, and ran into Dennis and Marilyn. We had met them in Elephant Butte, and suggested they go to Cochise Terrace when they left Elephant Butte. They said they couldn't until Jan. When I asked what happened, and they said, "we stopped to check it out, and were hooked". See Newell and Linda, I told you it was nice. HAHA.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of open spots. The regulars say it will be better after the holidays. Hope so, or there won't be anything for us to do (as workampers). We will see.

We miss you all. More later.

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