By 10:30 pm Saturday Brian and I had gotten off the ship and found ourselves on the windy and surprisingly cold streets of Bari, Italy. With our pack in tow we searched for the nearest open restaurant before settling on a place to stay for the night.

We found a great family run pizza shop that took us in and served us a great pizza and tow Peroni beers each. We then struggled into a 5 star hotel to get the expected news of 250 euro a night. We were set to leave for Patra, Greece the next morning and could not justify the cost despite the condition our bodies were in from the 15 + hrs of travel.

We were directed 2 blocks to Hotel Boston and didnt hesitate paying 100 euro (way over budget) for a bed to sleep in. Hotel Boston was very nice and well appointed, although all we would appreciate were the private bedroom and shower during our 10 hr stay.

Sunday morning we were up on our way to the ferry after surprisingly catching the VP debate on the TV in our room.

As soon as I got on the escalator to our cruise ship headed for Greece I was impressed. There was very nice furniture, a movie theater, unlimited dining options, an internet cafe, and 8 other floors to explore for the next 16 hours.

That night there was an amazing sunset as we passed a series of islands. I bought a nice bottle of wine from the duty free shop. After setting up my iPod speakers, we had a mini concert of Band of Horses as we watched the sun go down over the Adriatic.

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