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Scenic By-way south of Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Almost Sunset, Erev Shabbat, in Iowa

Hello Everyone!

We are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on our way to Des MOines, Iowa, but guess what?! we are in a mechanic's shop -again!!! Pulled in yesterday late afternoon and the shop advised us to get a motel for the night so...

Frances and I and the dogs are resting at a Motel 6, for the time being, and Steve is with the motorhome. Actually the shop just kicked him out of the motorhome and he is waiting on the curb and we are waiting as long as we can here before we have to leave due to check out times. Frances has lost her phone - again - and Steve told her this morning to put a cord on the thing and wear it around her neck. The only opposition she had to that was, maybe I'll make it a bungee - her nickname is Bungee Mama.

This morning I had a revelation about our trip - We had pledged ourselves to YHVH as His bondslaves before we left home. Now as His servants/bondslaves we go where He tells us, we do what He wants us to do, no questions for He is the boss. So if sitting around mechanics shops is how He wants us to spend time do we get stresed, panicked, frustrated, annoyed? Not if we are truly His bond slaves. We are commanded to rejoice in all things. It is a totally different paradigm of thinking and living. We are so used to calling the shots and even when we say we are on YHVH's business, if you really think about it, we become anything but joyful when "things go wrong". Why? because we look at it personally as if we are responsible. We are slowly learning that YHVH is in charge of everything and when that settles deep in your bones you can rejoice in everything even like Paul & Silas praising in prison, even though they were beaten and shackled. How could they do that? they knew Who was in charge. The Philipians 4:4 text makes a whole lot more sense when you look at it from this perspective. "Rejoice in YHVH always and again I say rejoice!"

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