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Mud volcanoes

Tower Falls

Grand canyon of Yellowstone


Family pic

It's suppose to look like she is standing on her shoulders


She loves that hat

family pics

Lower falls


Piece a cake!

It's a thrilling drive...

...and cold!

Snow higher than the motor home.

The lake is frozen!


On the way down, we stopped at a turnoff and D was...


Redstone WY....It's not Jackson Hole!

Big sky country!

I think that's Deanna

There she is

Girl talk...

Doing her chores

The old west!

Taken while driving...not bad!

Can you hear me now?

Taking care of the handicapped.

A nice little campground - Polson, MT

Our neighbors for the night

Into the pool

Good exercise

...and fun

Steven's turn

Guess who?

Montana sunset.


We haven't seen one yet!

A lake on Road to The Sun ...thats the actual color.

They got down there..


...get back up!

McDonald Lake, Glacier Natl Park

This is far enough!

The river is the same color

That's where we're headed

Easier than going over the mountain

Looking down

waiting our turn...only one lane

Sitting high on the mountain

We're on the move..

Surrounding mountains

Glacier's "Weeping Wall"

Another beautiful view

...and another

He's probably looking to be fed.

Amazing they could build this on the side of the mountain

Steven got this picture...

...and this one

This one is getting dressed for summer.

Another little straggler....

The glacier

Doesn't look like the middle of July!

That's us


another glacier

I can't not take a picture

The color of the water......

...is real!

Hey folks.

We are coming to the end of week 4 already. Its hard to believe. I apologize for not being more current on my updates, but this trip journal has turned into a battle of technology vs perseverance. I will conquer both!!.

The weather has been absolutely perfect since the day we left. My frustration with the Internet, forced me to buy an Internet card for the computer. Unfortunately , every time we stopped for the night, there would be no signal, or the website would be down. Today is the 17th and we are finally parked, with signal..in a Walmart parking lot. More about that later. I still have a bunch of pictures to upload, but it takes forever. Be Patient.

Steven and Deanna get a little bored at times but lets hope their brains are subconsciously implanted with some memories. They REALLY have been so good. Steven is our IT man. He and his grandmother have an occasional debate over our technology requirements. Deanna is our resident RN, changing my finger splint when ever it needs changing. It seems to be healing well...a little crooked, but it will match the other fingers. Luke sleeps with her every night, helping to ease any feeling of homesickness.

So here is the summary of the last 10 days.

Mon 7/7. We left Bridge Bay in Yellowstone, by 9 a.m., heading for the northeast entrance to the park.

This route took us through the east side of the geyser basin, where we saw mud volcanoes and more geysers, although none as spectacular as Old Faithful. Continuing on we

arrived at Canyon Village, considered the "grand canyon" of Yellowstone. The canyon walls plunge over 1000 ft from where you stand, into the Yellowstone River. From there

we continued to Tower Falls. I'm sure everyone has seen pictures of this. When you are actually there, it doesn't even seem real.

We left the park and continued north east onto the Beartooth Highway toward Redstone MT. This road climbs to 10,900 ft at Beartooth Pass and is not just a scenic drive, but a THRILLING drive. Two lanes, no shoulder and no guardrails. When you are in the motor home, you get a different view because you are sitting higher. As we approached the summit, I asked Steven to look down and tell me what he saw. His answer was…DEATH. It was definitely a white knuckle drive. North of Redstone we picked up US 90 west and stopped at a rest area for the night, before driving on to Glacier Natl Park

Tues 7/8. An 8 a.m. start got us to Poulson MT. around 5 p.m. where we found a nice camground at the south end of Flathead Lake. It was a little pricey, but it had a pool, which we all headed for immediately. We planned to spend the next day at Glacier, so rather than pay for another night just to park we planned to leave early in the morning and move to the local Walmart parking lot. ( they accommodate RV's - no charge.)

Wed 7/9. Parked at Walmart and left for Glacier in the jeep. About an hour away. In my opinion, Glacier is, so far, the most spectacular of all…Badlands, Black Hills, Yellowstone, or Tetons. The Going to The Sun Road takes you through the park from west to east, or vice versa. We went W to E. The road was only opened about a week ago. Because of damage from avalanches, many sections of the road were only one lane, so they would let 50 or so cars pass through. 20 ft snow drifts along the road were evidence of the severe conditions that exist here during the winter The traffic control worked pretty effectively and gave you a chance to take in the scenery. Its much less commercialized than the Black Hills or Yellowstone. We saw more wildlife here than anywhere else. It's is truly a remote area. It was along drive, but again a great experience. We got back to the parking lot about 8p.m.

It doesn't get dark here until 10 p.m., so knowing that we had a long drive to our next destination, (Harrison Hotsprings, B.C.) we decided to take advantage of the remaining daylight and get an early evening start. We left Walmarts (thankyou Sam) about 9 p.m. and headed south to pickup US 90 again. About an hour into the drive we hit a swarm of bugs that completely covered the front windshield. I MEAN COVERED!. Between the lights from on coming cars and the twilight, you couldn't see a thing , so we were forced to pull over and scrub the windshield clean. On the road again we continued on 90 west and around 12 midnight, found a rest area where we parked for the night.

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