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Well. Today we were supposed to relax and spend the day recuperating for the Inca Trail tomorrow but we decided since we can´t sleep in anyway we´d do a tour. Louise agreed and joined us. Some did it on their own.

Wow. We went to Pisaq and saw some fascinating ruins after hiking up a huge hill. The 800 year old village is shaped like a llama when viewed from the air. Those Incans were amazing people. They still can´t figure out how they moved some of those rocks. Mike and I went on different paths since the one he went on had a tunnel and I wasn´t into that. I climbed a little higher and met him later.

Then on to Ollantaytambo. THAT was amazing. We hiked up hundreds of steps to see a sun temple with rocks on top of a mountain that weigh several tons. The Incans carved things into mountains that are amazing in that they tell what day it is, what time it is.... lots of cool stuff.

We had an awesome lunch in Calca. A buffet that included squid among other things. Mike Thought it was weird shaped fries and I didn't bother enlightening him. He ate it before he knew what it was and actually enjoyed it. hehe.

The scenery on the bus ride was amazing again. I think we got some great pictures of the CHica glacier which we could see peeking through the mountains.

Now we must pack for the trail. A 6 kg limit could be a challenge. We´ll just smell really bad by day 4. I´m sure 800 year old machuu picchu won´t care. We´re hoping for good weather. Keep us in your prayers. WE´re missing everyone but too busy to even know what day it is.

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