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So when I was planning the trip I heard about this little town that was overrun by a clan of monkeys...what fun. Next thing Chris knew, Lop Buri made it on the itinerary. After leaving Ayuthaya, we caught a train to Lop Buri (home of said monkeys). When we arrived, Chris was a little hesitant, and I was bouncing off the walls. We had not walked 2 blocks from the train station when I spotted my first monkey sitting under a truck. The monkey was all alone...he did not look so scary, then we saw a swarm them run across the road. Holy Moly!!!!! Another look told us they were EVERYWHERE. We had arrived at the perfect time, as some locals were feeding them (jello shots I think).

All of the monkeys gathered for their special treat. We had a great time watching them climb over each other or snatch a jello and run to some corner of their playground. After they were done, it was off to rampage the city. Everywhere you looked there were monkeys...on street signs, under cars, on top of buildings, on the elecrtical wires, everywhere. It was absolutely amazing.

Of course we could not watch from a distance, so we found ourselves in the middle them, which was fun until one decided he wanted something in my bag and decided to fight me for it. Not long after I distracted that monkey, there was one sitting on Chris's back trying to drink from his bottle of water. (Yep I have the pictures to prove that... they will be up soon I hope).

After the monkeys settled in for the night, we were off to dinner. I ordered chicken (nice and safe). Chris, on the other hand, (Mr. Adventurous) ordered fried duck, which came complete with a duck head...nice way to kill my appetite. Oh well... all in the name of adventure. After dinner it was time to head back to the train station to catch our overnight to Chiang Mai.

Monkey eating "jello shot"

Melanie getting attacked by a monkey who was after her Purell.

Chris with his special monkey friend.

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