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Site C3 at Kalkaska RV park and Campground

Mackinac Suspension Bridge

Here are two of the many windmills that are placed on the...

Mama, Daddy and three young swans at Rugg Pond outside Kalkaska

Flower sequence showing the ball that becomes the wildflowe and starting to...

Water coming off a spillway at Rugg Pond - This feeds the...

Old Mission Lighthouse. Notice we are halfway between the equator and the...

Another view of the Old Mission Lighthouse

The Hesler log cabin, built in 1857 and moved 14 miles to...

Placard explaining Hesler log home

View of the Grand Traverse Bay from the penisula. Notice the field...

Cherry trees on the penisula. We arrived near the end of cherry...

Lake Michigan shoreline - the water is a beautiful blue!

Horse and rider executing in Dressage competition

Getting the ring ready for the jumping competition

Jumping 1

Jumping 2

Jumping 3

Jumping 4

Jumping 5

Jumping 6

Jumping 7

Jumping 8

Jumping 9

An example of how they decorate the jumps

The jumping winner - and $10,000 richer

A youngster just starting to learn jumping at one of the lower...

The drive to Kalkaska was short, only about three hours. One of the main experiences of the trip was crossing the Mackinac bridge

between St. Ignace and Mackinaw, MI. This is a five mile-long suspension bridge with the road actually 200 feet above the surface of the straits between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The suspension towers are 552 feet above the water. It is the largest suspension bridge in the world and was completed in 1957. It is part of Interstate 75 as it goes the length of Michigan. By the way, the northern end of I-75 is the International Bridge at Sault Ste. Marie that I showed you pictures of earlier. It also cost $10.00 for the motorhome pulling the jeep to cross the Mackinac Bridge!

Kalkaska is a small town about 30 miles East of Traverse City which is on the west coast of Michigan on Lake Michigan. It is a resort city and the shoreline hotels and resorts reminded us much of Daytona Beach. The campsite

we have at Kalkaska RV Park & Campground is very nice. Very wooded but I was able to see enough sky to get satellite reception. They also have wireless internet. It seems more and more campgrounds are offering wireless internet and as Martha says “That’s a good thing!”

Wednesday we just went driving around to see the countryside. We visited Rugg Pond

which was the first electrical source for Kalkaska in the early 1900s when the pond was created by damming the Elk River. We also visited the peninsula just above Traverse City. This is where all the rich people live :) and where many wineries and cherry orchards operate as there are huge fields of grapevines and cherry trees all over the peninsula. There were also some historic areas of the peninsula such as the Old Mission Lighthouse

and the Hesler log cabin

. There were also some breathtaking views of Lake Michigan


On Thursday it was Doris’ 42nd birthday :) and we went to a horse show. The horses are really beautiful and we had a great time. We got to watch the dressage and a jumping competition. I took quite a few pictures, probably more than you want to see!

Tomorrow we head for Hillsdale, MI. That will be our last stay in the state of Michigan – Canton, OH will be the next stop after that.

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