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Little pest crawl into the A/C unit and build their nests

Tires and wheel bearings are supposed to checked @5000 miles or 1@yr

Jeff, Lorraine, Zach and Nich- I like this picture!! Our kids

Greg, Karen and Brady - I like this picture!! Our Kids

UPDATE: Back at homebase in Maryville.

The Cougar is sick and is in the shop. Big time vibration in the A/C unit. Maybe it is just a dirt douber's nest in the fan blades. While the RV unit is in the shop the technician will complete a safety check on the tires, axles, brakes and repack the wheel bearings. Hope to get her back home in a few days to begin the loading for the trip to Lexington, Ky. 3 August. Click on this park link to view the park location.

Of course we will be off to California (via San Francisco) in a few weeks. Some have asked if we had concerns about the wild fires that are consuming northern California and will that effect our trip. Well....I think we will just have to wait and see and adjust our driving schedule to avoid those hot spots as required. I hope those fires will be under control by then.

This is a short update...hope all of you are having a very good start to the summer fun. Don't forget to check the photos attached at the top of the page. I have included some photos of Jeff's and Greg's family so you won't forget what they look like..;) We love our kids and grandkids!!

Come and see us when you can.

In Dad's memory the ADVENTURE continues!!

Later Alligators

Archie and Chris (and Chad the wonder dog)

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