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Fishing in Narooma.

Fishing in Narooma!!!!!!

Walagoot lagoon.

Camping in Bournda National Park.

Fish burgers for tea tonight!!!

Neighbours..... everybody needs good neighbours la la la... Ramsey Street in Melbourne.

View of Melbourne from St. Kilda.

Ned Kelly returns!!!! Melbourne Gaol (Jail).

Sea plane from Geelong, just west of Melbourne.

Lucy looking forward to her flight!

As we travlled from Sydney to Melbourne the weather got colder, and the van became a little less appealing than the first few warm nights near Sydney. We started to think of reasons why we needed to sleep in a nice warn room in a proper bed!! More about that later...

Lucy bought Steve a fishing rod for his birthday so we have been doing a lot of fishing the last couple of days..and have caught two fish!!! We hired a boat (tinney!)at the beautiful Narooma. We spent two relaxed hours on the lake there.

That evening we ate our tea (corned beef hash!) with a possum in the Bournda National Park by Walagoot Lagoon. A short walk through the woods the next morning took us to Hobarts beach, a gorgeous deserted and windswept part of the coastline.

We decided that we would treat ourselves to a night in a warm bed, hoping the room would have a TV for the rugby. We stopped at a little fishing village called Metung and found a nice little hotel/bar by the sea. Bargin price $40.00 (18 quid). Surprisingly, none of the locals seemed to know anything about the rugby (not their main sport)but we arranged to watch the match in the dining area, just the two of us at 11pm at night...well worth staying up for..GO ENGLAND! The hotel fed the local population of pelicans every day at twelve and town itself was really chilled and laid back.

We cut across to Melbourne after Metung, arriving late on Sunday eve. We stayed at a campsite 9k out of the city our freezing van!! We decided to stay at St Kilda, the next night in a lovely hostel with a proper lounge with fireplace and sofas..made us feel right at home. Whilst in Melbourne we visited Ramsey Street, (didn't see any filming going on)we also had a walk around Federation Square in the Centre. We visited the Gaol (jail) where Ned Kelly and many other cons were imprisioned, lashed with cat o nine tails and hung. A bit guesome but really interesting and a bargain with a 2 for 1 discount voucher!

We only spent one day in Melbourne, it didn't feel as chilled as Sydney and seemed alot busier. Plus we had enjoyed our chilled journey to quieter areas along the coast and we were keen to get back on the road in our little van....which by the time we left Melbourne smelt like prawns after Steve left his smelly old bait in there for 2 days!!!!! YUK!!! (He says he planned this so we didn't have to sleep in there!!)

Back in the smelly old van we drove to Geelong just west of Melbourne and just before the start of the 'Great Ocean Road'. The highlight of Geelong was lucy's new winter woolly (half price)....oh no sorry the highlight was the sea plane trip around the bay...a great experience and a little hair raising!!

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