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Downtown San Francisco

Sausalito Houseboat

Golden Gate bridge again

Exploratorium, San Francisco

Exploratorium detail - there are dozens of these curious women

San Francisco tram at bottom of steep SF hill

Bay Bridge, even bigger than Golden Gate Bridge



Windey and steep San Francisco street

Last night I was talking to Vlad about how even in this brief time I have changed my view of Americans and therefore America quite a lot. Basically, Americans are both nice and friendly, far more so than me or other Europeans, no getting away from it. This is partially illustrated by these road junctions they have, where everyone takes turns at letting other people go, without any rules or signs to tell them so, just out of courtesy.

Marina started the day well for us all with blintz (spelling?), basically thin Russian pancakes, yummy with cream and jam. So today is a whistle-stop tour of San Francisco, with Vlad as my guide. I can't even remember the names of all the places we went, but in general I was very impressed with San Francisco, to the extent that I thought I could live here. Very pretty, very civilised and great countryside nearby, some truly awesome stuff within a few hours.

So we seemed to go everywhere, and back and forth over the Bay and Golden Gate bridges so many times I wasn't too sure when we were in San Francisco proper (only 600,000 people) and when we were elsewhere in the Bay Area, as the rest of the conurbation and the land around is known. Highlights were the Bay Bridge - even bigger than the Golden Gate Bridge, steep rollercoaster hills like in TV car chases, trams, Chinatown - the genuine ethnic article - various parks and beaches, generally pretty multi-coloured houses, fabulous and uniquely individual houseboats in Sausalito - worth a book to themselves, various trendy or rich areas, many famous areas we didn't have time to look at more such as Castro (gay) and Haight-Ashbury (hippy central in the 70s), and of course a lot of roads, freeways, flyovers and traffic jams. All in all a great day and I quite fell in love with San Francisco, and would like some time to stay and hang out in the town for a few days at least.

And then we all went out for a Thai meal in the evening, locally in San Carlos. Huge starters! Tomorrow Big Sur! And I am booked into camping in Yosemite for the weekend (last campsite left), so watch out bears!

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