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Sawback Mountains


Yes there is Snow

This morning we started with a leisurely drive across the Alberta Plains to Calgary. Took the wrong turn in Calgary and ended up going through city streets. That was ok, I just needed to be on guard. Also our city map left a lot to be had. I think some one needs to help the Canadian with their signage. First the font is small and what signs they have are also small and not found consistently along the way. With a little luck and a good navigator we made it thru. We stopped at a bank and exchanged some US dollars for Canadian dollars and had an early lunch.

The park is as beautiful as we remember. I think even more so because of all the snow. I might mention that is very cool today, mid 40's. We have light showers on and off all day. We are camped at the Lake Louise trailer camp. This is the same campground that we stayed in over 10 years ago. After unhitching the trailer we decided to drive up to Lake Louise and the Chateau. Well luck ran out, it started snowing and kept snowing all the time we were there. Being the intrepid travelers we decided to dawn the rain coats and set out to walk around. I'll let the pictures tell the story. Because of the poor conditions we decided no to go to Moraine Lake, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

In town we used the post office computers to send some email and chat with the boys. Sue made a wonderful supper tonight, complete with some chocolate brownies.

Today is more like the ideal day, only 255 miles and no tire troubles.

We are tentatively planning to stay here another night and do some more exploring.

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