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Hi Folks,

we have just arrived back in Kathmandu afer our 3 days in the Chitwan National Park, this is the sub-tropical part of Nepal and made a nice relaxing change from the EBC trek. It was excellent we had a excellent accomodation in the park and a nice toilet!! We arrived in the afternoon and immediately taken on a sight seeing tour of one of the old villages which they still live in mud huts, bit like Oakham. It wasn't immediatley apparent why people still live in these conditions, but then it was pointed out that the plant growing in abundance at the side of the road was in fact cannabis it all became a bit clearer! We then went sown to the riverside to enjoy a drink and watch the sunset, when one of the guides got all excited and poiunted out 2 Rhino's kicking off about 200 yards down the road, so we had onl;y been there about 3hours and already seen some of the wildlife. We went on a canoe ride in the morning but didn't see much just a crocodile on that one but that was a very pleasant trip. We then went to the Elephant Breeding Centre, fortunately none of that was going on or we thought we might be using our poincho's after all. We did get to feed the young ones though and if I say so myself I think I was a natural. Later on we got to go down the river with them swim with them and wash them, it was fantastic and they seemed to be enjoying giving us a good soaking as well. Hence my latest idea is to be an elephant trainer. The Mongolian Goat Herder was ok but you needed to be a good horseman as well, the elephants didn't seem to groan quite as much under my weight! This morning we woken at 5.30 (never had so many bloody early starts) to go on our elephant safari, it was well worth it though because we got to see a Rhino and her calf at really close range.

Got to go now, but we are back in Bangladesh tomorrow and hopefully I will catch up on my e-mails and post some photo's

take care all


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