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Bam 2003

Bam 2004

Moved onto the chilled desert town of Yazd to avoid them Stepford Wives. This could be home for a while. Its awesome, and after the tragic 2004 earthquake in Bam (kinda just down the road, a bit) is now one of the best preserved still-inhabited mud cities in Iran (and the world). Its amazing to walk around the narrow winding streets especially at night when they are lit up with a gentle yellow light. It all feels a bit like the set of The Life of Brian ... "Alms for the poor, alms for the poor" and plenty of haggle scene.

More to follow later (this is a crap internet cafe), just updating here in order to plot on the map. But I thought I would upload 2 photo's to show how Bam looked before and after the earthquake. Its a real damn pity and awful sad that such a magnificent place got wasted out like that. They are trying to rebuild, according to a UNESCO chap I chatted with, but then, that just ain't really the same is it, and it will take aeons to restore ??!!

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