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A Fiordland penguin waving to us

Three penguins in a row

Going into their nest

In we go

Wilderness lodge

A breakfast with a view

Surrounded by mountains

Tom in kayak


In the lake with the mountains

Reflections on the calm river

Thursday dawned cool and clear, and provided an excellent day to hike down to Monro Beach where Fiordland penguins can be seen - and there they were, running up the shore out of the surf and back into the water. This west coast of the South Island is really gorgeous, and we sat there for a couple of hours enjoying it. Tom got a one-day fishing license and took a kayak provided by the lodge out into Lake Moeraki, which does have eels and trout, but they were being their usual elusive selves. Anne got into another kayak later and paddled out to the lake where an incredibly beautiful backdrop of snow-covered mountain peaks dominated the scene.

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