Anthony and Erica on the road to Mandalay 2006 travel blog

Docks, Nwaungschwe

Typical town house in Nwaungschwe

This place was never open...

Busy boat station

Pagoda near our hotel

Pagoda by the docks

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Leg rowing 1 - Inle Lake style

Got up early (again!) so we could visit somewhere on the way out to the airport that we couldn't fit in ysterday. We went to Paliek to see the 'Snake Pagoda', where pythons wrap around the Buddhas and the whole place has a bit of a snake theme like in that Conan film. It was fun, though unfortunately we didn't have time to explore the picturesque ruins around it. And I put a pic of the temple in yesterday's entry and now can't be bothered to move it to here!

So we flew to Heho, failed to knock much off the taxi price from the airport, and got a pick-up here to Nwaungschwe, at the top end of Inle Lake. It was wierd, we almost immediately chilled out, and in fact have done nearly nothing all day, except check in to our OK hotel - on a canal on the edge of town - visit one nice temple, wander around town a lot, and make plans. Quite a traveller place this, though few white people with dreadlocks, thankfully. Small town, half flooded, hard to tell where the lake ends and land begins, lots of temples, lots of boats, cafes, guesthouses, etc. Nice. Still hot, but less muggy, as we are about 3000 feet up in the Shan Hills. It is even cool in the evening. It poured with rain in the late afternoon though.

We have hired a motorised canoe for tomorrow to explore the lake, and blown out any beach plans in favour of being around here. And consistently nice food since we arrived, for a change!

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