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Chichicastenango markets

Guatemalean balaclava

Veggie sellers

Entering Antigua

Centre of Antigua


More Antigua

Biggest set of rosary beads I have ever seen

Last group meal before tours change

To good times!

I've been in Antigua a couple of days now and will be leaving tomorrow morning to head out of Guatemala and into Honduras. No rest for the wicked...

Antigua used to be the capital of all Central America in the 1500's but earthquakes destroyed most of the town, so it relocated. There are still alot of ruins around town and buildings only half restored.

I went to the Chichicastenango markets yesterday which are apparantly the most famous markets in all of Central America. I did go a little crazy on the souvenier shopping, mostly jewellery (not the balaclava) and of course some traditional Guatemalean worry dolls.

I was SUPPOSED to go and climb the active volcano just outside Antigua this morning but of course woke up very sick and can't stray too far from a toilet. At least I packed a very comprehensive first aid kit. That and one of the guys on the tour is a doctor, so that comes in handy!

Anyway, the people that went and climbed it all ended up with melted shoes and I only have one pair so I am trying to console myself with that...

I have really loved Guatemala, apart from that first night. It seems friendlier somehow than Mexico and the the food is much nicer, similar dishes but so much tastier and better presented. Alot more people speak a bit of English here as well. The salsa clubs are great and am getting better at the samba that I tried to learn back home and never quite got! It seems that the further south I am heading the less technologically advanced the towns are so I'm not sure what my internet access will be. Am hoping to be able to still update regularly otherwise I forget where I've been and what I've done...and i get to save my pictures!

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