Finally ate a breakfast out and it was the worst ever. We stopped in what was supposed to be this historic cowboy town, Medora, Montana and went to the Chuckwagon buffet that was supposed to serve the best breakfast buffet until 10:30. We got there at 9:15 and there was almost nothing left and it didn't appear they were going to replenish it soon. Very disappointing.

Miles City is a fairly large town. But I really miss the food stores at home. However, here, they park their pick-ups and horse trailers while they shop.

Camped at the KOA which is right on the other side of a levy of the Tongue (yes, that is the name) River. There was a path and a gravel road along the levy and by the banks of the river that led to the convergence with the Yellowstone River about 1/4 mile away.

The Yellowstone was very high and very fast-moving. We saw logs being carried as though they were twigs. Would have been an intimidating ride in the kayaks.

Lots of wildflowers along the banks of the rivers; false lupine, phlox etc. The cottonwood trees were shedding their cottonseed - it looked like a constant blizzard of white. Even the grass was covered in the fluff. Made me sneeze.

The campground was unimpressive but it had cable, electric and water. Another town I would not choose to live in.

The Cottonwood trees were "shedding" their cotton and the air was filled with cottonballs - it looked like a blizzard of cottonballs. Even the grass was covered with the cotton so that it looked like giant snowflakes that would not melt.

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