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How you fill up the car in Cambodia

Feeding the silkworms

Example of where the silkworms prepare cocoons

Brocade fabric loom photos follow

Relationship of pattern shafts to ground shafts

How the brocade rods are supported, close to Lao method

How the pattern rods are held up during weaving, note foot mechanism...

Great old carved loom with nagas, detail all over the loom

Visited silk processing and weaving center Artisans D'Angkor, new loom, brocade with ground shafts, able to identify link to lao supplementary warp loom mechnism, photos are ablve. Very interesting mechanism to hold up pattern shed as well as weaving ground picks. Also saw great example of how the 3 types of silk are separated and reeled. Woman patiently reeling the first layer off then picking coocoons out of the water to pass to another woman for her to wind off the fine silk.

On to Phnom Penn on Siem Reap Airlines, wings stayed on plane, landed safely.....french colonial town, very crowded, very modern, view from the sky seems like it is in a major flat flood plain for the Mekong River, sorta like San Jacinto River with rice paddies

Rush hour from airport gave us time to look at traffic and the town. Homes are stucco brick, people look much richer.

More tomorrow

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