Go West Old Man - Fall 2005 travel blog

Yorktown Clipper

Your heart has to go out to the ship's crew on the last day of a cruise. They get up even earlier than usual to cook one final gut busting breakfast for their departing guests and stagger up and down the gangway with their bulging suitcases. They organize them and put them on buses headed in various directions and shepherd the passengers on to the correct bus. They ever so graciously encourage us to get going ASAP so they can swab the deck and get ready for another complement of passengers a few hours later. It all went very smoothly and by 9:30am we were at the lot where we had left our truck and were on our way home.

Home? These days that's how the trailer feels. The afternoon was spent with the mundane details of returning to normal life - getting a haircut, buying new groceries, unpacking suitcases. Most of our fellow passengers spent the day on planes, some returning to jobs tomorrow. Our big job for the evening is figuring out where we are going to go next.

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