We wanted to ride the carousel but it was closed..

Our site in Burlington, CO

Another view..


Last one...the best I could get through the window!

We left very early this morning, hoping to drive about 400 miles to Kansas. We ended up making only about 200 miles. The wind was horrible. We had to pull off the road and find a place to park until it calmed, about 6 hours later. We were pleasantly surprised to find the Kit Carson Fairgrounds in Burlington, Colorado for $10 a night, including 50 amp electric.

It's nothing more than a parking lot, but it's right beside the historic Kit Carson Carousel. After doing a bit of research, I learned this carousel is one of nearly 4000 wooden carousels carved in America between 1885 and the 1930s. Fewer than 150 are still in existence. One of the finest of these survivors, is located right next to us and the price to see the museum and ride the caroseul was only $1.25. I was so excited until I walked over to visit and it was closed. What a bummer!

I did manage to get one good picture of the inside through the glass. Please excuse the glares etc..

We are leaving in the morning for Kansas, weather permitting. Winds at 50 miles per hour is not fun to drive in. :-) We are hoping for much better weather in the morning.

Check back later for more from Kansas.

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