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Well, we had one relatively passable day since I wrote last. It was hot, but we had winds all day long. Still had to turn on the generator so we could run the air conditioner though.

We drove into Lake Havasu City yesterday to pick up some new patient paperwork for Don. He is going to establish a heart specialist here since we plan to be in the area the next few years. We are going to be in or near Durango possibly, but cannot get in until August. Which is totally ridiculous!

We also wanted to make an appointment to get our taxes done, thinking we would get in next week. We got lucky and got in the same day. While waiting for the appointment time we walked through some of the shops near the London Bridge, and had a yummy burger for lunch. The appointment went as could be expected. We ended up owing money, so I have been trying to get an account so I could pay online. And don’t even get me started on the frustration! I think I will just write them a check and be done with it.

We have been letting the kitty out sans halter and leash. She has been our entertainment. She was so excited the first day, but soon discovered that the sun made the rocks pretty hot on her little feet. So we are able to keep her in the shade pretty much. With a couple of notable exceptions where she tried to scale the rock wall behind us and then tried to go around it. Dad to the rescue! We watched her one day chasing a lizard around a large bush. She would stalk it then run and sit in the shade of a big rock next to it until it came out again. Or she picks a rock and bats it around the shady area. I am afraid she has gotten rather spoiled, and will expect this kind of freedom at our next site also.

Today is our last day in the desert. We will go to Havasu Springs Resort tomorrow and we are ready for electricity so we can run the air conditioning as much as necessary. Especially if we are gone and kitty is in the trailer.

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