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Monument to Kaiser Wielhem I

Our shuttle across the Mozelle

Just had to do the Kate Winslett - Titanic thing

We will take this ride later

Forum Confluentes

On our stroll

First delightful statue,check out the faces

Lovely detailing on window boxes

Pretty squares

Check out roofline

strolling along

another enchanting fountain



Swans are everwhere just floating along

Protestant Church

Every church we have seen has its own uniqueness

Different celing

and pulpit

Heading up to Fortress

Map of Fortress. Larger than can be seen from below

Walls of fortress

Unique very large, mounted double shooting Crossbow.

Corridors for soldiers to move about in when under attack

Inside wall

Rhine from the top

Rhine and Moselle

The Rhine is a very busy river

Waiting for the shuttle. Bill is taking picture. Just wanted to assure...

Monday, July 27th

An overcast day but we walked down to the shuttle and took the 3 minute ride across to Koblenz ( Roman for confluence).

We first wandered to the triangle across from our RV. It was named Deutsches Eck (German Corner) by the Teutonic order who settled here in 1216. In order to erect this monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I in 1897, a spit of land was created here. Original was destroyed in the WWII, with its replica built in 1993.

We wandered down the Rhine side, enjoying the monuments, fountains, gardens, and churches. Our mission was to find the tourist center.

The first one was closed so on to the next one which we found in the Forum Confluentes. Talk about a building in the middle of the wrong century. Apparently, so our taxi driver told us it was a huge hole in the ground for many years. The politicians call it “an impressive site in the center of the city”. To us it looked totally out of place and quite gaudy. It houses a museum, library, tourist information and a café. With all the information we would ever need on cruising the Rhine or Moselle we headed out. Oops had to wait for a rain shower to pass.

We crossed over to the Moselle River and wandered up its bank enjoying the architect, churches and fountains.

The Koblenz Cable car was a unique experience. It can transport 7,600 Passengers per hour.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress other than the views was somewhat lacking for us. There were no English translations, so we had no idea what we were looking at. It was one big museum. The fortress was interesting from the point of wandering through its corridors and admiring it from a military stand point.

A defensive unit of some sort existed on this plateau, 118 m. above the Rhine, as early as 1000 BC. It was later the site of a Roman military post, a medieval castle and a fortress for the Electors of Trier. Now what remains of the castle, houses a youth hostel.

As I mentioned before the views from the top were spectacular.

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