7 Months on the Road Checking Off the Bucket List travel blog

Saturday we managed to get a combo trolley ,bus pass which is only $18 a month for Senior citizens. That was followed by groceries , fuel, and lots of laundry.

Today we found Joann's and I got my costume supplies. Slight change in plans. I am going to be a Fancy jar of peanut butter. Bought peanut butter color fabric then found a bright pink on pink, an embroidered brown and gold upholstery fabric, gold & brown glittered paisley ribbon, and pink and brown leopard felt to make letters. A little glitter stick on foam for the rest of the lettering and what do you get.......Very Fancy! On to the 99 cent store for cardboard. So far I have made the lid with card board & gold Duck tape. I know your thinking but wait it will be mediocre and that's ok. Wayne Brady has seen worse. I'll put a picture on Facebook when it's ready.

It's raining and cool and suppose to continue tommorrow . We may have to wait till Tuesday for our first trolley tour.

Number 2 on the Bucket list for me was whale watching. There are several companies that go. We need a big boat not a yellow raft. I want to be in something much larger than the whales. After asking a lot of questions we'll set it up for February.

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