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I had never been to a marching band concert that was the magnitude of what we went to yesterday. One example was the Lincoln HS band from Sioux Falls, SD. A large number were scholar students, they had accumulated over 10,000 hours of community service. Twenty five percent were scholar athletes. They were so good it made you want shout Hallelujah! They have a video on Utube where they clean the snow off the football field in 2 minutes so they can practice. It 's amazing. They were just one band and there were seven, including two time National champions, Broken Arrow, OK. The finale was the US Marine Corps West Coast Composite Band. The fact they have all been served in Pakistan and Iran made the music very personal for so many with family still deployed. It was just a wonderful afternoon.

That evening there was band in the tent during dinner with dance music. We retirees love to dance.

Today we went to the Club House at the Santa Anita race track where we're parked. The best crab cakes my hubby has ever had and he orders them a lot . We made some $2 bets on the first few races and headed for the trailer. Dick was ready to see the back of his eye lids. Tonight we will celebrate New Years, New York time because we need to be on the bus at 6am for the parade tomorrow.

There's a crazy hat contest tonight and I have made a beaut. Wish me luck. If I win I'll put a picture on face book. The supplies cost me $7 at the dollar store. Roses, tiaras, and ribbon means the more stuff the better it looks.

Happy New Year....be safe!!

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