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The Dredge

Huge Dredge

Gold panning

The Alaska pipeline

Inside a piece of the pipeline

How the dredge works

The pipeline

Our last day in Fairbanks. After a good breakfast, we drove over to the Dredge #8 to learn about gold mining and even did a little panning for gold...spiked bags! Jackie got a nice necklace to keep hers in, and dad got so much he had to get earrings for mom to fit all theirs in. The work had to be quite loud. Even the steam train to it was fun! A portion of the Alaska pipeline was also there so we got some pics and info on it to. Every man, woman, and child gets yearly financial kickbacks from that if they have been a resident of Alaska at least a year...average $1000 per year each! Next we headed an hour north to the Chena Hot Springs...a very popular natural springs for both US and Japanese tourists. Harry found a restaurant that had one of his favorites...chicken curry. Next they had an ice sculpture museum cooled by geothermal energy we toured, where a married couple sculpts new things on a regular basis and it is 20 degrees inside year round. We donned our parkas and saw a winning jousting statue, 4 bedrooms of ice (one with an outhouse), a spiral staircase, a wedding chapel, a working xylophone, and even an ice bar that made us appletinis in ice glasses! The seats had pillows to keep us from freezing while sitting on them. Then it was off to the actual springs. Temp was warm but not too hot and fine gravel bottom in rocky natural surroundings. Kept our ice glasses to lick on till they were gone and so relaxing. After the hour home, it was 10 pm and we were all ready for bed after watching the end of King Kong. A busy but great fully packed day

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