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Carpe at Rovers Roost

Interstate 10 in Phoenix

Sandi got to "play in the traffic"

Casa Grande

Casa Grande

We're not in the city any longer...

Welcome to Rovers Roost

Wed, 24 Oct: Back at Rover's Roost. We left back in April and added 10,370 miles to Carpe's odometer. We visited nine states and three provinces. We had a wonderful time exploring the wonders of Alaska, Canada, and the US West. And we're right back in the same site we left six months ago. We'll rate this summer's travel a "10"!

Today was a "get up on our own" day, i.e., no alarm clock. We enjoyed a relaxing breakfast and then got Carpe ready for the road. We rolled wheels at 0915 and encountered very little traffic even during the inbound portion of our trip. We pulled into the Express Stop fuel station at 1030 and topped off the diesel tank. Before doing that we added some fuel stabilizer so it won't go bad during our "down time".

After checking in at the SKP Co-Op office we topped off the propane tank and got parked back in site #18 which is were we were this past spring. We're right next to our friends Ken & Joan so that's always a plus.

So, here's the story... Starting next week we have multiple appointments for all sorts of service, check ups, tests, cleanings, trimmings, etc. In other words, we'll submit ourselves to the medicos, Dinkum to the Ford dealer, and who-knows-what-else to who-knows-who-else!

We don't have any RV travels planned for sure before late December when we'll drive the coach to Castaic for the Rose Parade. We may drive to the Tucson area next month to see about the windshield leak, but that depends on several factors.

So, until we take our next trip this Journal will probably remain dormant. We'll continue to send our monthly Missives and will update you on our happenings as appropriate.

Be well and be happy...

Trip Summary
Miles this leg: 68.5
Total miles since Casa Grande: 10,369.4

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