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Today is internet day to catch up on news, e-mails and most importantly this site. The reason being it is hammering it down with rain outside and we don't feel much like walking round getting soaked. We left Vang Vieng and it's many 'Friends' restaurants this morning and headed south towards the capital Vientiane, which is where we are now.

Finding a room in the rain isn't much fun but we found a triple room (as we are sharing with Nick) relatively quickly and cheaply. Then we all headed for the nearest internet cafe and hey presto here we are.

Unfortunately there is little else to say apart from our first impressions of the capital. The city doesn't seem that modern but at the same time nothing in Laos is so we aren't too surprised. It doesn't seem to have the sleepy feel of Louang Prabang but then considering this is the capital that is little surprise either. Much like any other traveller place there is the collection of cheaper GH's, nice cafes and restaurants and we have read there is plenty here to occupy us tomorrow for our last day in Laos.

We plan on having another lazy afternoon before our sightseeing bonanza tomorrow so today no pictures.

Day 82 complete

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