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We've arrived at what will probably be the southern most point on this trip. The Atlantic Coast north of Miami is typical American urban sprawl. It's not surprising that many people want to live along the beautiful white sand beaches here. But because real estate here is pricey (or maybe was before the latest economic melt down) it's surprising to find ourselves camped in a huge county park in the midst of it all. We feel fortunate to have one of the sites on the shore of a large lake, although water always has the potential to come with alligators around here. We know that we are sharing our little piece of lake front with a friendly pair of ducks, who must have been fed by previous campers. We're feeling a little under the weather, but this will be an ideal place to chill and recharge the batteries.

We were too tired to cook when we got here, so we took a coupon to Sweet Tomatos, one of our favorite restaurants. At home if you go out to eat before 6 on a weekday, you rarely have to wait, but here in geezer land, every night is Friday night. Even without an early bird special, the restaurant was full of canes and gray hair. Of course, most of them had a coupon, too!

We rode the circumference of the lake on our bikes today -about nine miles around. Or more precisely, I rode the circumference; Ken had a flat about a third of the way around the lake and had to walk back. We set out for a local bike shop to repair the damage, but our trusty GPS lead us astray two of the three shops we tried to find. Of course, we wouldn't have needed to look for three shops if the first one was open or the second one was still in business. Many of the roads here are boulevards and when the GPS tells you the destination is on the left and it really is on the right, some U-turns are in your future. It can be challenging to be a stranger in a strange land.

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