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This was the primarly overlook on the road through the park.





At the top. Was a nice quiet spot to sit and meditate...





Heading back down.

Yes, he was alive, as he flew off just after taking this.

Sort of the typical North Cascades scene.



























Very briefly, North Cascades looks pretty much like the Cascades to the east of us here – just further north! Duh! But, as the great explorer within me has to explore, I ventured into the inner sanctums of this northern park, via the only highway that goes through it.

Since I had the trailer this time, I found a campground within the park that was really quite nice – insofar as it was wooded, with space between sites, and was actually quite sparsely occupied. In a loop with around 30 sites, there were only ½ doz sites occupied. And none on either side of me. Nice. One of the reasons, is that this park only receives about 20,000 visitors per year. And since this was the height of the summer season, it must be a relative ghost park in the winter.

At any rate, not a major highlight. There were a couple trails that ended in a nice overlook, but nothing spectacular.

Just enjoy the pix.

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