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hippo and friend


sunset on Luangwa river

lion at rest

vultures waiting at kill

lion at kill site

hippo convention

hungry lion

zebra kill

hyena at rest

love this park

Drove nearly three hours on a dusty, corrugated, gravel road to the village of Mfuwe. So much rattling it was unbelievable! However, we did learn that it is true that if you drive at exactly the right speed on corrugated roads it becomes a smooth ride.

There is no camping in South Luangua park so we based ourselves at a beautiful camp outside of the park about 10 minutes from the gate. We had a campsite overlooking the Luangwa river, where we could watch crocs, hippos and elephant at our leisure. This was the nicest campsite yet! Late one night, a neighboring camper saw an elephant poking its trunk around our tent. We had heard something, but had no idea that the huge, cheeky critter was sniffing us out! Elephants can be surprisingly stealthy when they want and always seem to be sneaking up on us.

We spent 3 days in this fantastic park. The park is teeming with all sorts of grazers (antelope, zebra, elephant, etc). We also saw hyena and lion here including a zebra kill where we watched the lions for hours as they feasted and slept. The best part was that we were the only ones there for most of the day. A car-less backpacker was staying at our camp so we asked him if he wanted to join us on a game drive. He did, but then lingered longer than expected as he joined us for all of our game drives and waited for a ride with us to Lusaka. We can't blame him (it would have been a hellish bus trip), but it did grate on Christy's nerves a bit.

This is definitely one of the best parks we've visited. A place we plan to re-visit in the future.

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