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Oriole Cruise Vessel

CN Tower

Private Boats in Docks

Downtown Toronto

Greenpeace Ship

Three-Masted Sailing Ship


City Tour - Ontario Parliament Building

City Tour - Sir John MacDonald, First Prime Minister

Today was a very full day. The tour bus picked us up at 8:00 from the RV park. Because of a miscommunication somewhere in the Gray Line system, the bus driver wasn't expecting us. He had to make some quick phone calls to find out what to do. He took us to a hotel in downtown Niagara Falls, where another bus picked us up to take us to yet another place to catch the right bus. Phew! She was very nice and even took us on a little side tour because we had some extra time.

We were wishing we could have had the rest of the day with her because our tour guide was afflicted with a bad case of verbosity. :>) Barb and I were the only ones on this tour so he had a captive audience. We were not impressed with his personal stories. When we went to a bank in Toronto to exchange some money, he even nosed right in there with us. Not exactly professional.

While on that first bus, allergy problems caused my eyes to water so much that I lost my right contact lens. At first I thought that what I felt was just a tear dropping onto my hand so I kept trying to locate the lens in my eye. Only much later did I conclude that the lens was lost. Later my left contact actually did move up inside my eye and I couldn't get it back down. For the rest of the trip I was frustrated by very poor vision. When I got back home, where I could use a mirror, I was able to get the left lens out. Thank God I had kept my old pair of contacts so I'm now using the old right lens. I'm seeing just fine with it but, when I return to Austin, I'll get a new pair of contacts.

We arrived at the Toronto waterfront around noon to take a cruise around the harbor. As soon as we boarded the Oriole, we were shown to a table where our lunch awaited us. We had expected a buffet but, because there were only two of us, they just served us sandwiches, drinks and a cookie. After eating, we went topside where we could get better photographs. The weather was perfect for such an outing.

After the cruise, we had a bus tour with Mr. Motormouth. We saw part of Yonge Street, Chinatown and the Entertainment District. We had a few minutes to walk around the Ontario government center.

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