Wilson Lake at Minooka Park

Another view..

Unusual fence post made of limestone..

Huge sites with views of the lake...

There are hundreds of American Coots in the lake..

The best zoom I could get..

We love our site and are staying longer than planned..


The tiny town of Sylvan Grove..


Last one!

We are receiving a lot of emails asking about our campsite in Kansas. It is a Corps of Engineer Park called Minooka Park located on Wilson Lake. It is located in the middle of Wilson and Sylvan Grove, Kansas.

The cost for us per night with our "old age" pass is only $4. It is normally $8, but the price was cut in half for the fall season. What a deal! I don't think we have ever found a better site for the money, the only cheaper way to go is boondocking. :-)

When we decided to drive through Kansas, Jerry asked me to find a campground somewhere in about the middle of Kansas. I found this one by checking journals in the area. What a find!

Jerry has been fishing several times, he is out fishing as I write this update. He paid $5 for a 24 hours fishing license. He tried fishing in our backyard, but didn't have any luck. He is now driving around Wilson Lake looking for a better spot.

The RV sites in this park are mostly pull through, with HUGE spaces, water and 50 amp electric.

Minooka Park is named for the Otoe Indian word meaning "Good Earth," this park offers many campsites with scenic lake views and excellent shoreline access.

Wilson lake is known as the "clearest lake in Kansas," and is located in the Smoky Hills of North Central Kansas--a rolling landscape of hills, buttes and hazy valleys. Also known as Post Rock Country, the area contains thousands of miles of stone fenceposts and buildings that have been constructed out of the area's local limestone. From what I have read, they used the local limestone because there were very few trees in the area. I am adding a picture to show the unusual fence post.

The lake is stocked with the ocean-native Striped Bass, which have been known to reach enormous sizes in Wilson Lake. Jerry is trying his best to find one. :-) The lake is also stocked with Walleye, Large and Smallmouth bass can be found in abundance in the lake, as well as White bass, and channel and flathead catfish.

We have enjoyed our site so much, we are staying longer than planned.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions. Check back later for more from Kansas.

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