The shops went all out too... :-)

Notice the pumpkin on the hot sauce shop..

They had our hot sauce for sale too.. :-)



The first one to visit the spider...





































































































Last one!

We had a wonderful Halloween and hope all our readers did too. We had a blast watching all the kids in their fancy costumes at Branson Landing. They have a huge celebration at the mall each year with Trick-or-Treating for children in costumes 12 years old and under.

All the merchants who want to participate hang a picture of a pumpkin in the window. The mall was full of participating merchants and the kids took full advantage. We have never seen so many awesome costumes for Halloween.

They had a huge inflated spider right by the bench where we sat and watched, it was perfect for picture taking. A lot of parents stopped to take pictures of their children and some posed for me too. :-) I have so many pictures, I am going to add them without captions, they speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy seeing all the costumes.

I am adding a "lot" of pictures for Sammy, our youngest grandson. :-)

Check back later for more from Branson.

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