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The land turns brown as we leave the hills

Heading onto the ferry

On the ferry

Will enjoys the rope swing

Alice gets a big push from Pip

The Murray is pretty wide at this point

Patient Pippa bides her time

Trying to keep the flies at bay

Alice and Pip brave the cold water

A visit from the swan family

Success! ... as much as catching a carp can be considered so

Why not?

Sunset on the Murray

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Ah the serenity ... not!


Making our way west out of the Adelaide Hills on Friday, the landscape pretty quickly turned brown and dry. We drove for a couple of hours to reach a town called Mannum on the banks of the Murray River. A free ferry service operates all day to get to the other side of the river (from town) and we used this to reach the $10 a night campground opposite town.

Tonight is our third night here and we've had a great time. The spot is beautiful - right on the banks of the river at a point where it really is impressive - and there were a couple of other families already camped here when we arrived! Our kids have had constant playmates to the point where Sal and I even completed a few hours of uninterrupted jigsaw puzzle this afternoon!

Pip has spent most of the past two days fishing and become very adept at casting. Unfortunately the only thing anyone is catching here is carp which are poor for eating and such a pest that you're not meant to throw them back either. Fortunately a pelican is generally on hand and quite obliging if offered the fish. Will and Alice have spent plenty of time on a rope swing and hanging out with their new friends.

Yesterday was a glorious day weather-wise and, being a Saturday, lots of boats and jet skis headed out onto the river, disrupting the peace a little bit (though not as much as the flies which are prolific!) The campsite also filled up considerably by last night and the noise level increased to the point we even had some fire crackers going off around midnight. The kids slept right through it!

Today we went nowhere. It's really nice (and rare) to have occasional days where the car doesn't even get started. As much as the kids would love to stick around here for another few days, we'll head off in the morning.

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