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With apologies to all the small children who worried that Santa's sleigh couldn't get to their house without snow, we just have to say that the lack of the white stuff in our area has been a huge plus. Getting ready to leave without snow is SO much easier. As we dismantled the outdoor Christmas lighting display and wound the electric cords up, we didn't miss the cold, wetness that we usually have to deal with during this task at all. We also didn't miss shoveling the snow from around the motor home in the lot where we store it when we're home. And the countless trips from the house to the motor home, bringing armloads of clothing and food went much more quickly when we didn't have to wipe our feet and take shoes off and on. We're grateful that we aren't heading to Florida this year since the route from here to there has been buried with the snow they usually get plus the snow that should have fallen here.

There's been snow on the route ahead to Arizona, but temperatures that although low, are above freezing which should ensure dry pavement on the interstates. Finding a campground that is open a day's drive from here could be a challenge, but there's always a Walmart parking lot available in a pinch. Temperatures just above freezing were warm enough to remove the antifreeze and fill the tank with water so we're ready to boondock if necessary.

Now what we have forgotten???

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