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Today, Helena arrived very early on a Jet Blue red eye from the San Francisco Bay Area and Cosmo, Judy, Eugenio and I met Dan, Helena, Cole and Sam for a "Duck" tour of Boston. The Duck tours are on special World War 2 amphibious vehicles that are supposed to actually drive into the Charles River. Sadly, just as we began our tour, the clouds opened and torrential rain poured down-- unlike any we would ever experience on a California summer day. As a result, our conductor, a wise-quacker dressed as a mad scientist, could not get permission to take us into the water. This was a huge disappointment to the boys, but we did get half of our money refunded and enjoyed a brief, but informative land-based tour of Boston.

In the afternoon, the adults departed for Westborough, and I took the boys on the T to one of my favorite stops "Haymarket" where the North End is just as I remember it: tiny, brick alleys and lots of wonderful Italian food. After a lovely lunch of pizza ( for the boys) and soup ( for me), I contributed to the delinquency of three minors by introducing them to the delights of Italian desserts--gelato for Cosmo and Sam, and cake for Cole. Then, we visited the New England Aquarium, which had some very entertaining penguins. It was nice, but once you have seen the Monterey Bay Aquarium, everything else seems to pale in comparison. Judy and Eugenio cooked a lovely barbecue for us, thus ending another lovely day.

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