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Anna caving

The heat made us feel lazy again today. We spent the morning lying in hammocks in the shade reading. Not very interesting I am afraid.

We did manage to peel ourselves out of the hammocks at around midday and headed into town to hire a tuk tuk to take us to a cave with a lagoon next to it. Had the usual fun bartering the price down with the driver and once we had agreed on $1 per person for the round trip we were off. At a snails pace. Our vehicle was driven by a lawnmower engine.

As the bridge over the river is under construction we found ourselves being driven through it to the otherside. Sure enough we got stuck and had to be helped out by locals to keep us moving.

When we got to the cave we found that the cheeky driver was expecting an extra dollar for the return journey. It really is frustrating to negotiate the price and then find it changes upwards along the way. Danny and Nick refused to pay more than the initial price but I suspect that had I been alone I would have given in.

Wearing flimsy flipflops completely unsuited to the job we climbed a rocky path up to the cave which held a Buddha image inside. There was no lighting so luckily we had remebered a torch to lead the way.

Nick and I sat and chatted whilst Danny tried out the pale blue waters of the lagoon. Bloody freezing was his verdict.

Headed back into town and spent the evening in a Friends Bar watching episode after episode with other westerners. I figure these things are all part of the experience.

Day 81 complete

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