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Plaque tells all.

Garrison at Gaspe pennisula, protecting them from the Germans

A Whale vertibre

Birds on side of Cap Gaspe nesting

Local artist did this.

Doug found the windmill blade factory, so we drove out to take...

Perce Rock

A friend of Sue's

Entering Island we see these fellows greeting us.

Trail to see the colony of Gannets

Just a few of the thousands nesting and mating (which takes only...

A couple of Gannets. They are affectionate in many ways, since they...

As soon as we hit town, we tie up to the fuel dock and order up a rental car. We can not wait to spend the next 2.5 days touring around here. The first day we spend traveling the Forillon Park and traveling to Riviere au Renard - the largest fishing center in the area. It was amazing seeing all the rigging and boats at this hard working village. The park brought many historical knowledge. For example, the Germans sunk two Canadian boats here at the outbreak of WW2. The Canadians were surprised that they came here, so they set up a garrison and brought in guns, etc to watch over the bay area. We got to see many vantage points of where we had traveled pass via our boat, including driving up to see the lighthouse we talked about in an earlier post. We stopped in our tracks many times in awe, that the scenes of the water that we were looking at, we had just the day before brought our boat there. It is a feeling hard to explain.We got back to our boat exhausted, so just ate on board, then met up with HC for a quick game of Uker and to bed early, since we were planning on a long drive the next day. HC had to spend the two days doing chores, working and finding parts for their windlass, so sadly did not make the drives with us.

Today, we drove early to Perce, Quebec, about 1 hr from here. Perce is a famous rock which has a hole in it. Check out the pictures. Perce means in French something like pierced rock. We get to drive our baot pass it tomorrow we hope, if the bad wether that is forecasted does not happen too much. Just a few miles offshore from the town of Perce and the rock, is de Ille-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Perce. This island is home to over 80,000 birds. It takes only 45 minutes to walk from one side to the other. We take a ferry boat over, since we are not allowed to land our boat there and walk to see the birds up close. There are over 60,000 Northern Gannets that have a colony here. These birds couple up for the summer and produce babies and fatten up for the fall run to the south. Along with them, there are Puffins, Herring Gulls, and many others. We could take forever about our experience today, but suffice it to say, that we have never seen anything like this i our lives, and hopefully the pictures will give you some idea of what we saw. There is even a fox family here. Sue was wild with all the critters she got close to today, including seals, and even a tit mouse. The Parc Canada folks do a great job keeping the island like mother nature intended it, making sure that the hikers do not stray of do anything to upset the habitat. We see a few researchers taking data and making sketches of what they see of the wildlife, including taking sot census. We talk to a couple of them and get insight of the plight of these birds. many of them are populating jsut fine, but the Puffin's future does not look great due to mercury, and other things. From Perce, se drove thru the coutry some and then back to the boat for Sue to do some laundry and John to get the boat ready for travel (oil check, plot courses....). Tomorrow, we are officially off the St. Lawrence Bay, and enter the ocean side of the continent. Most likely, tomorrow will be our last full day in Quebec.

Lastly, in between touring hard and heavy, we did get to see some of Gaspe, which is quite a nice place. It is a sizable place and has many amenities. We eat at a local restaurant and get to shop for provisions. The car made it easy to load up on many heavy items that quite often we do not get to tote.

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