We saw a lot of blooming flowers driving through Kansas..

We boon-docked in a parking lot next to a bean field...

Last one!

We left Kansas early this morning and drove about 220 miles to Tonkawa, Oklahoma. It feels good to be on the road again. :-) It was pouring rain when we got up this morning, We had to wait for a while for the rain to stop so we could hook the car up. It continued to rain for a long part of our trip, but mostly light rain.

We are boon-docking in a parking lot in Tonkawa, we have not used our generator in months and decided it was time to crank it up. We let it run all night and it worked perfectly for our air conditioner etc.

We will be on the road again early in the morning, making our way to the great state of Texas. I will do updates for the trip as long as the Wi-Fi works. Check back later for more from Oklahoma and Texas.

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