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HMB from our hiking trail. Mavericks is on the right just around...

The "small" blue whale skeleton in Santa Cruz at the museum

Santa Cruz Boardwalk this week. Rides were not running.

Just another boat loading more crab pots


Scared him!

Beach at Mavericks

Crosses on the nearby bluff for the lives lost here

HMB/Pillar Point Harbor where we are staying. The backdrop of mountains is...


Jet skis near the break

3 Caught this one

Wipe Out!

Doesn't the surfer look small on this wave?



Little did we know when we pulled into Half Moon Bay, CA that this town is home to Mavericks, the really BIG waves. Last weekend, there was lots of swell . This point is a choice spot where surfers from around the world come with a 24 hour notice to surf Mavericks. This break wasn’t discovered by the general public until the 1990’s. Hard to believe such a thing could be a secret in California for so long. It was named after a dog that belonged to the guy that surfed the spot for years and kept it a secret…until he leaked it to a couple of friends. The rest is history. The spot is just a 20 minute walk from the marina. The bluff and beaches were surrounded with people and BIG lenses taking shots of the approximate 25 guys out on the waves. I might mention, to my surprise, many of the surfers are not young guys but a bit older with thin, narrow boards (both ends). There were jet skis and small dinghies out near the breaking surf observing and perhaps for purposes of rescue. It was a treat to enjoy the beautiful weather with the scenery.

Mike has been a busy guy here. He has finished the varnish on the toe rail (which looks beautiful), he has replaced our running lights (red and green on the bow) with new LEDs and I hoisted him up the mast to replace our anchor light with an LED bulb. We were quite happy with the results last night. Very bright lights are a good thing at sea in the darkness of night. Another 2 LEDs for external lighting may also be in our future. The other chief benefit (there has to lots as this is a pricey thing to do) is the low amperage required to run these lights. When we are purely sailing or sitting at anchor, the old lights were a huge draw.

We have enjoyed a family of liveaboards next door. The parents do boat work and have been helpful with tools and knowledge. They are a really great family with a couple of kids and a dog and a cat and birds! This family is so quiet we never hear them. They are looking to cross to the South Pacific in the coming year and we hope to see them somewhere South of here.

Mike met a really interesting fellow, Jerry, that was profiled in Latitude 38 a few times. He is an older gentleman(guessing 70’s)and has made two attempts via sailboat to the north pole. Last time, 2 years ago he got within 800 miles. He anticipates trying again next year. He anticipates getting within 200 miles next attempt and will walk to the pole if necessary to achieve his goal. He gave us a CD of his adventure and we were quite impressed. Having just spent a little time in the Gulf of Alaska, we have a deep appreciate of what he is attempting to do. Wow!

So we have enjoyed many of the trails, restaurants and the wonderful organic grocery store in town. We took a short trip to Santa Cruz this week. It too is a cool town of about 55,000 people with a fun looking downtown area and of course the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

There are hundreds and hundreds of crab pots being loaded daily on commercial fishing vessels here. We anticipate a land mine field when we leave. We hope to avoid overnight passages which could create problems for us should we snag a crab pot in our propeller or rudder. If we travel overnight, we will need to get into 600ft. water depths to avoid the pots. Ah!!

Last weekend with the big swells the Harbor Patrol posted notices at all the gates warning boaters not to leave the harbor. It stated in the last 2 years they have lost 6 people at sea in these conditions. This is the first time we have seen such a notice. Now we wait for the BIG swells and wind to give us a window to move onward…….

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