More Adventures with Daisy 2007-08 travel blog

Today Barb and I slept later than usual so it was nearly noon by the time we went out to run our errands. Barb needed to call around to find someone who sells the type tire she needs. Finally she found that Colton RV, just down the street from the RV park, could get her one. She had to pay them for it up front, so that's the first place we went. The tire should be there by Tuesday morning.

While we were there, I learned that I must have a supplemental braking system for my car. Otherwise, I can't take it into Canada. Anyone caught without one must pay a hefty fine - much more than the cost of the braking system. In fact, most states require it but they aren't consistent with regards to the weight of the car. I had heard of supplemental braking systems but didn't think a car as small as mine would need one; it weighs only 2,100 pounds. My appointment for installation is on Tuesday. I hadn't planned on this $1,600+ expense! What next?!

I bought the BrakeBuddy Vantage, which features wireless connection to the motorhome. Braking sensitivity can be adjusted from the coach by the wireless diagnostic alert system. It will alert me to any system failures as well. If my car should separate from the motorhome, the break-away system will apply the brakes to the car and bring it to a controlled stop. Its 12-volt power plug fits into the cigarette lighter.

From Colton RV we went to Wal-Mart to get the film in our waterproof single-use cameras developed. None of the shots turned out well because the mist from the Falls was just too heavy. We wasted our money.

Last on the agenda was a trip to Best Buy for Barb to try to find a certain digital photo viewer for her camera. They didn't have it. I looked at GPS units but decided not to get one right now. I did buy Microsoft's "Streets & Trips 2007" so I can plan trips a little easier. I didn't see a version compatible with the Mac operating system so I'll install it on my Windows XP computer.

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