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My friends, Sue & Diana, came down to Pompano Beach to spend the month in the sun, sand, and greens. They drove down to see me on the 7th, and I took them to the southern end of the Everglades. I have been there in other years, but was curious to see what the hurricanes did to the area. I am glad to see that the Edgar Coe visitor center and the Royal Palm boardwalk were intact and in business. The Flamingo Point area was closed for most of this season and we noticed the barrenness of the area when we got there late in the afternoon. The waterfront was still beautiful in its quiet and calmness.

The new thing for me this trip was the walk through the gumbo limbo "forest" at the Royal Palm area. We could see where trees blew over and how the forest wasn't nearly as dense as it used to be. A placard said that the forest used to be completely covered over so that it was very shady. We found lots of sunny spots on our walk through that path. It's a wonder lots more trees didn't blow over, since the roots grow sideways instead of down into the earth because of all the limestone in Florida.

Afterwards, we stopped at the mexican restaurant I had eaten at a few times in Homestead - one where they serve beer and wine (there is another one next door where you can bring in your cooler of alcoholic beverages). We all had a great afternoon and evening. I liked having people come to see me in my new "habitat", since I feel so bad that everyone back home couldn't see my home on wheels before I left.

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