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Today was one of those "wowser" days. We went to see Joseph - The Musical at the Sight & Sound Theater in Branson. It was incredible, a performance we won't forget!

The tickets to see this show were listed at $48 each. We went to the ticket counter to purchase our tickets. I asked the lady what were the best available seats? She handed us two tickets right up in the front section of the theatre, and they had the word "blessing" written on them. She gave them to to us for free. Wow! The only thing she asked was for us to be sure to thank the lady sitting next to us during the show, we were very happy to thank her. :-) She had friends who were suppose to see the show with her and they were sick, so she just "blessed" us with free tickets. Incredible!!

What a nice thing for someone to do, it touched our hearts and we will never forget her or the show. Sight & Sound's depiction of this classic bible story was awesome. I wish I could take all my family to see this show.

Here is a paste of the description of the show from their website:

With a cast of 45 professional adult and children actors, dozens of live animals gracing the aisles, several amazing dream sequences including Joseph in his colorful coat "flying" over the audience, larger-than-life staging which includes a spectacular Egyptian palace scene spanning 300 feet and wrapping around three sides of the audience, plus, twenty original songs.

Inspired by Joseph's colorful coat, Sight & Sound has a vision to implement a brilliant color scheme into every fabric of this production including the music, the costumes, the lights, the special effects, sets, and more.

Seen by over 600,000 people, Sight & Sound's original production, Joseph, has joined the ranks of Noah - the Musical, becoming a new favorite among many of our patrons! Soar with Joseph as his inspiring story unfolds in front, beside and even above you. With innovative dream sequences, lavish Egyptian staging, colorful characters, live animals and memorable songs, this energy packed show will leave you laughing, crying and uplifted with the life-changing message of forgiveness. See the show that has everyone talking!

Guests will leave this show energized by the character of Joseph, renewed faith, and inspired to dream big for God's glory!

End of Paste:

We absolutly loved it and highly recommend it to everyone. Pictures are not allowed inside, I am adding a few from the outside. Check back later for more from Missouri.

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