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Miss Lily perfecting her golf swing on her birthday! So cute :)

I understand this is her caterpillar!

Interesting morning! Opened the refrigerator to make breakfast & the door fell off, hit the wall and crashed onto the floor! Along with all of it's contents. Fortunately the eggs were all hard boiled ! Grrrrr....Last time this happened we were in Kalispell, Montana visiting our grandson Jeffrey. It's a Norcold design flaw on the door assembly, made of cheap plastic. $150 bucks down the drain. And it may delay our departure while we wait for a new one to be shipped. I am not a happy girl!!! LOL

Note: We ordered a new door assembly and a reinforcement kit which I understand is a new option available from Norcold. Why not just build it right in the first place???

And, as a last comment, today is our beautiful granddaughter Lily's 7th birthday. We spoke with her today & I think she's really turning 17, not 7!! She is a doll. Wish we could be there to celebrate with her. But we're there in spirit for sure. Love you tons Miss Lily!!

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