The Flatiron Hotel in Eureka Springs..


The Palace Hotel..

Homes are built on cliffs...



Love this one..

Another view...











Another cool spring..


This one is dated 1889


You can rent this beauty for $200 a night for the whole...




Another spring...this one was really dry..




The New Orleans Hotel

Last one!

This is part two of our trip to visit Eureka Springs. After having lunch at the awesome Main Street Cafe and doing some unusual shopping, we visited the Spring Street section of Eureka Springs. I am adding a lot of pictures showing some of the awesome Victorian homes in the area. Some even rent out the whole house for $200 a night.

Secluded and peaceful with winding mountainside streets, Eureka Springs, AR has a flair like no other town. In fact, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Eureka Springs as one of its "Dozen Distinctive Destinations." Streets are lined with Victorian homes hugging cliffsides, and its entire downtown area is on the National Register of Historic Places. Spring Street, one of the main thoroughfares, has been named one of America's 10 Best Streets for 2010 by the American Planning Association.

Visitors have been coming to Eureka Springs for a long, long time. Although this Ozark town is known today for its incredible Victorian architecture, arts, antiques and natural beauty, the original attraction was the water.

Legend has it that the Native American tribes of the area believed that the cold spring water could cure many ailments, and the surrounding land was considered sacred ground. Victorian-age health-seekers deemed the hills full of miracle cures, and flocked to the area by the thousands, creating a stylish retreat.

We would definitely NOT drive our RV in this area with all the curves and hills, but we sure would like to go back in our car again. It is one of the most unique towns we have visited. You really need a few days here instead of one. I will let the pictures from the area tell the rest of the story.

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