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Al's Place, Cyclist only hostel maintained by the city of Farmington, MO....

Opening the door and walking inside was like coming home, so cozy...

The decor was but a reminder it was for cyclists!

Friends Claudia and Mel drove down from St Louis for a reunion...

Left Centerville early, one more stop in Susan's convenience store to say good-bye and thanks for everything!

The ride was good, nothing challenging or out of the ordinary, kind of like we like it!

We arrived Farmington at a reasonable hour! Early enough that we could get our bikes into the bike shop for the tune-up we felt they needed. Mike's derailleur needed adjusting, our brakes checked and probably new chains.

Riding into Farmington was pretty straight forward but we got a little turned around trying to find our way to the bike shop. GPS is so helpful . . . if you use the correct address! Don't know how something crazy was entered as our destination, we were riding all over the place. At one point we stopped to try and figure it out exactly where we were going and noticed we were in front of Al's Place, a hostel for cyclists. It reminded me that Gary and Rob before us had stayed here but didn't remember it was in Farmington. The accommodation is in an old jail, the rooms are upstairs and bikes have to stay in a storage room down below. Too much trouble for us! We were going to look for a hotel to have a day of rest.

We finally reached the bike shop, and LT said you will want to stay at Al's Place, it is better than any hotel and way more comfortable! We decided we had to take all of our bags off anyhow so he could work on our bikes, as long as we had to take everything off we could just take it upstairs, we wanted the day of rest so we went back to the hostel. What a good thing we did!

The hostel is sponsored by the City of Farmington. A phone number on the door to call for a code to get in. Opening the door, it made you want to say "honey, I am home!" It is that cozy and welcoming! We are lucky we have it all to ourselves! It is always nice to meet new people, but on a rest day, it is so nice to have space to ourselves to be lazy and relaxed. and that we have been!

Last night, the day we arrived, we had visitors from St Louis! When we lived and worked at PENTA Engineering in ST Louis (a real job!) we worked with so many great people! Claudia and Mel hopped in their car when they heard we were only an hour away and came down for dinner! I can't believe how many friends we have been able to spend time with while we have been on the road! We had a great dinner and then today a great day of relaxation!

The day passed way too quickly. Time to call it a night and get back on the road. When we leave we will be leaving the TransAmerica Route and heading more south on The Great Rivers South Route. This will take us across, a few miles of very southern Illinois, a small bit of Kentucky and north to south through the state of Tennessee.

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